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32 gather a science fiction "I is who-person's head marry to connect with lend a body resurrection" television literature manuscript

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Name32 gather a science fiction "I is who-person's head marry to connect with lend a body resurrection" television literature manuscript
ThemeHang to read aloud a science fiction
AuthorThe list Ding is loose

I have 32 gather a science fiction to hang to read "I am who- person's head transplant and lend body resurrection" television literature manuscript to supply, such as expensive place suitable demand, please contact, I am definitely sincere to cooperate, thanks!

Contents brief introduction:

Can person's head transplant?The person's brain information can take to make into to copy, again infusion go into another person's brain(drive out a this person brain information) can"lend body resurrection?After bringing to life of who am I actually?

Summer in 2300, Chinese student-Wei's dragon of medical college in the maritime country seashore flies of the graduation thesis "person's head can transplant " , shocked the hospital's teachers and the students.The pecuniary aid that gets a father-in-law built up "human body organ graduate school" and carried on a person head the transplantation experiment.The persons such as the classmate Yang Feng lotus, Xin Ji, child Ni and thin Kai etc. whom the Wei dragon flies all the Mu since then take part in.

The then Yu flavor, regard with hostility, the reaction influence collaborate with mutually, the many adoptions different means attackstones, the Dao ruin a human body organ graduate school.Does the human body organ graduate school get whose salvation?Again how keep on existing?Unexpectedly develop to become an institute for research afterwards.

Luo Bu cans not stand luring of fame and wealth and elopes a whale ocean island and dedicates "person head transplantation" to the ocean Ba, technique, but didn't good end …….

The Wei dragon flies and the lotus of Yang Feng conceive "make use of a brain information, carry on lending body resurrection" according to the principle of information deliver and conservancy, research item, after hardships research, under the Alien's help, finally achieve success.

The Wei dragon flies the black repair, displacement of an ocean Ba brain information to become red.Yang Ba declares to forsake darkness for light, grasps opposition faction(unprogressive terrorist) to catch and sends to repair, displacement brain information.And, declare:The whale ocean island belongs to maritime country and makes the terrorist thoroughly change.

Wei Long Fei waits person to make use of "the thinking shoots to make an instrument" and"thinking replication machine" to carry on "lend body resurrection" to always goes under the Bao mankind's elite"longevity";The false thought of deportation and clearance mankind's crud(terrorist and bad member), infusion the mankind's normal thought, always protect the mankind's purity and forerunner.Resurrection who is ?Is brain information?Or be instilled the body of brain information?The issue is in succession.

Maritime country prime minister be willing to the Ni appoint a Wei dragon to fly for the health department minister and central medical college director.Long Fei of Wei is sweet to refuse, request regression of the motherland is obstructed …



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