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Russian film"Anton Makarskiy"

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Russian film
Products Name"Anton Makarskiy"
Production CountryRussia
Theme TypeAction, war
Episode Volume4
Episode Length50 min
Cast ListAndrey Egorov, Andrey Sokolov, Anton Makarskiy
Completed Date2007

Grodno.Eastern Belarus.1945.

WWII is officially over , but in the town of Grodno the fighting continues.A group of bandits ang Lithuanian separatists have united under the banner of the “Wolves and Foxes”,terrorizing local farmers and murdering Soviet officers. They attack trains and villages, showing no mercy to women or children, then vanish into the woods.

A unit of the anti-espionage division SMERSH picks up the trail of the bandits, and decide to go undercover in Grodno.As the attacks and executions continue, the SMERSH unit moves ever closer to its goal.The tiny town becomes a powder keg that could explode at any moment, as the bandits stop at nothing to exterminate the antiespionage commandoes.



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