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Hong kong Film "IRON LION"

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Hong kong Film
Film Title"IRON LION"
Production CountryHong kong,China
Episode Length85 min
Film DirectorLi zhiming
Cast ListShi xiaolong,Xie miao,Zhang guoli,Shi tianlong
Dialogue LanguageChinese, English
Title LanguageChinese, English
Completed Date2002

At the end of the Ming dynasty, Wang Pan is the president of Zhao Qing province. He was very keen in promoting cultural activities, especially Lion Competition. He had a daughter called Ling, who loved marital art very much.

The Lion Competition was coming and every citizen was so exited. Many of them even gambled the result of the competition. Among the teams, the Liu’s and the Dragon’s are the most popular. Ji Zhi and Lung were the apprentices of Liu’s while Dragon and Shan Hu were the Dragon’s.

Xu Shan Hang, a millionaire, who apparently sponsored the competition as to heighten his reputation, was in deed an underground controller of the competition. His daughter, Rong Rong was blind since very young, but she can read others by her heart. Rong Rong had fallen in love with Ji Zhi since her childhood, but this relationship was opposed by his father.

As to win the Lion Competition, Ji Zhi and Lung practiced so hard. Ji Zhi determined to win the prize, not only for appreciating Rong Rong, but to take revenge for his brother, who had been killed.

Liu Bu Er, the servant of Xu Shan Hang, finally betrayed his master as grab his wealth and daughter. But just then, Rong Rong and Ling learnt that he was the one who killed Ji Zhi’s brother and it lead to a vital fight between Ling and Liu Bu Er.

The Fina Competition was approaching; will Ji Zhi and Lung win the competition?



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