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Movie literature manuscript epitome in"college of birds' twitter(nursery tale)"

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ThemeSupply the movie literature the manuscript
AuthorOnce the laurel was pure

harmonious and fine Earth home.

Art:Nursery tale, miraculous, Xie interest, pleased, nervous.

The natural enemy of college of birds' twitter is mainly a fox, the food bird wild beasts, such as Zhu and cobra...etc..But, some people are also the redoubtable enemies of the 牠s, exterminate the 牠s.

Mo plum, reach younger sister and Wei Yun to calm down three young girls, not afraid and perilous, determinedly with break great universe of the person and matter carry on a conflict.

A, they stand down bird Qiao mountain, the objection breaks the development company of forest but under arrest, release because of being a nonage to acquire.

They think that the disaster head is a president of company Wu Ao Xing, lead amount of company with college, use tricks to kidnap him to get to college of birds' twitter with assistant.For turning round two of him's standpoint, hold for him a have an unique style of wish a life rites, accompany two of him visit college.Two of him witness various interesting story in the college, is moved very much, especially see run away from disaster of wounded and disabled bird Qiao, the feeling Wu has pity for.The blue kind and justice of deputy governor takes advantage of an opportunity to seize the power and establish next murder their scheming of Wu Ao Xing.Wu Ao Xing sighs sad, sorry and ashamed deeply heavy, the decision wants to constuct a forest park and protects birds and wildlife.

Two, the opposition factions led by blue kind and justice oppose constucting forest park.She(牠 ) again use tricks to make opposition faction Fan.The welcome mat held to solemn and impressively have an unique style, and accompany them to visit college of birds' twitter, participate in to exterminate locust pest, meet a bird Qiao refugee, make they feeling Wu, signed "gets along with treaty " .

The opposition faction takes advantage o Wu Ao Xing falls ill of machine, tear treaty, the blue kind and justice again seizes the power, arrests Mo plum her Sa and sets on fire to burn down forest.

Vigorous law court argues, they refute sharply opposition faction by "protection birds method "forest protection method " "environmental protection method" and acquire court support:Support a "gets along with treaty" legal position, constuct"the bird Qiao mountain forest park" of suitable birds and wildlife life.

Miraculous college of birds' twitter in the forest park.

Leading figure:

Mo plum, female, 11 years old, laurel blossom primary school the student of the school, little first member of team.

Reach a younger sister, female, 10-year-old half, laurel blossom primary school the student of the school, little first member of team.

The Wei Yun is quiet, female, 10 years old, in always great city in Taiwan mountain third the student of the school of the primary school and youth team member.

Wu Ao Xing, male, 39 years old, the bird Qiao country villa develops a limited company chief executive officer, president.

Wood cuckoo:Female, 21 years old, chief executive officer's assistant.

Blue kind and justice:Male, 55 year olds, deputy governors, pair president.

Animal person:

The white crane, male, middle age, director in the college of birds' twitter.

Lark, male, middle age, the college of birds' twitter teaches a director.

Blue insect(board director's A), captain Liu,



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