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The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended: Atlas of Wenchuan earthquake disaster

The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended KoWe 2009/08/20 15:04:59

Atlas of Wenchuan earthquake disaster truly records the whole process including the earthquake response analysis, earthquake research, the disaster assessment and post-disaster reconstruction. The atlas includes eight parts: Cladogram, environmental possibility with hazard, body bearing disaster, disaster-causing factor, disaster evaluation, disaster response, restoration and the appendix. By the means of maps, images, photos, graphics, text and other visual expression, and through a variety of methods of the surface composition and configuration, the atlas fully expresses the time-varying spatial patterns of process characteristics of disaster system and the spatial pattern of disaster characteristics of the process. The whole atlas has taken an optimal design in aspects of map making. It implements the disaster system designing mentality throughout the whole book. It turns our to be a beautifully, scientifically designed, comprehensive atlas with authoritative details.


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