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The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended: The Rock and Roll Tibetan Mastiff

The Chinese Best-sellers Recommended KoWe 2009/03/18 15:09:29

The Summary of 'The Rock and Roll Tibetan Mastiff'

The famous rock and roll singer Zheng Jun created a comic book named 'The Rock and Roll Tibetan Mastiff' with his team for a few years. The book has been published by the Modern Publishing House in 2009 as the first original comic book in China. This book has won the Best Cartoon Screenwriter prize in the fifth Golden Dragon festival.

'The Rock and roll Tibet Mastiff' is a lovely and fun story. It is a very marvelous comic book, delivering a legendary experience of a small Tibetan mastiff. It represents the love, hate, sentiment and enmity in the human and canine world. There is also the competition of the nice, ugly, kind and evil things in it. There are many roles with fabulous and harmony pictures in it. The story is brief and easy. The plots are complicated and connected closely. It was finished as a whole, bringing people a passion to finish the reading in a while.

The Tibetan mastiff named Mai Tou was born in Ali, Tibet. His parents died when he was very young. He grew up along with his grandfather in the temple. He had learned the Heaven Massif Yoga of the Intense Magic. He could stand and walk upright, talk in Chinese, English and Tibetan. He was taken to Beijing by a rock and roll singer, bar boss Warm. From then on he was infatuated by the passionate and hard rock and roll. He made the first dog rock and roll band in the history named 'ROCKDOG' with several dog pals. There were the guitar player Tattoo dog 'Rolo', the bass, vegetarian dog 'Fortune', the keyboard player 'ikey', the drummer, Kung fu dog 'Wasily' and the broker, allegro dog 'Ding Ding'. Mai Tou's girlfriend was 'Vivian', which was a blond duty dog.

There was a canine world full of various dog guests under the bar street of the human world. It was originally a bomb shelter constructed in the cold war time, abandoned long. It was shaped and built into the first civilization world of dogs by the extremely intelligent, mad and senior dog. He spent a large sum of money to buy it out. The mad and senior was not mediocre. He took advantage of the human Internet to set the casino underground for betting the dogs and profited a lot. His public status was the watchdog of the ringleader Morphine Teeth of the gang in the bar street. The Morphine Teeth longed to get the bar of Warm earnestly. No dog had ever heard the rock and roll before in the canine empire. The most popular singer is a hip hop rap dog—saint dog. The story was on the way.


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