China Promotion of this season will be sent to
more than 2,000 television stations and professional channels in China.


China Promotion for Overseas TV Channels

Show the excellence and characteristics of your channel and column, improve your communication with professionals from China, find cooperation opportunities, as well as improve your affection and market share in China!


China Promotion for Overseas Film &TV Series

All trade and cooperation begin from knowing each other. The first step for your products to enjoy the Chinese market is to let Chinese customers know you in a quick, economic and convenient way!



1. Delicate promotion homepage will be provided for companies who applied for China Promotion. Your promotion homepage needs your company introduction, products information, talents profile, and company news, all of this will be presented in Chinese at your homepage at Overseas Channel (China Site), the channel favored by Chinese customers of film &TV industry.

2. In order to attract visit and attention to your homepage in China Promotion, we will introduce contrapuntal information by fax, telephone, email, and post-mail to film& TV companies in China and show them the significance and great opportunity.

3. Please send your electronic copy of contents for promotion to us both in Chinese and English. We provide translation service in low price and high quality for you if you have no Chinese version of the content. The price for translation:$30USD/piece(within 1000 words).

4. Your contact information will be open to VIP company members. Response from other general Chinese customers will be sent to your message board or our international department will send it to you. KoWe will charge service fee equal to 15% of the total income from the business between you and the customer introduced by us.

5. If you upgrade to VIP member, according to the date which you upgrade, we will automatically provide China Promotion for VIP company members for one year, as well as all other correspondent services including: free translation, open contact information to all members, information in KoWe Business E-Zine, direct enquiry to other members, and prior position in search engine. KoWe do not charge any service fee for business down between VIP members and customers.

6、The Promotion Term is one year(It begins from the publish of your promotion homepage.);The deadline for free application is March 1st, 2008.

Please click on“Download Application Form”

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