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Major Programs - HD FILM SERIES The Dragon Gate Post

The Dragon Gate Post


Costume, Action/Errantry, Crime/Thrill

Poom Man Kit, Chu Yui Pan
Lau Ka Fai
Man Chung Han
Cheung Chi Lam
Zhao Ke

SUBTITLE:Chinese, English

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Standing in the middle of the wilderness, was the ancient town of Crescent Moon, and in this town there was the Dragon Gate Post where people from all over the nation came. Some of them only passed by and some of them chose to stay. Here, one could find all sorts of people, witches and wizards, shamans and sorcerers. Amongst these folks was a landlady who was also a witch doctor and practiced voodoo. She had been waiting for the return of her loved one, but they were worlds apart. There was also a postman who was born in a stable. He travelled thousands of miles in quest of his won identity. In town was also a beautiful young girl who could tell the future through her visions. She wondered if this was a power granted by the spirit of her dead twin sister who was always by her side. The man in charge of the Post was an insomniac who was constantly bothered by his conscience as he was an executioner whose hands were Stained with blood from victims who came back to haunt him.

The Dragon Gate Murder

Shao, the Imperial Ambassador was being falsely accused by the Eunuch Wei, and was sentenced for exile. He would soon be taken by soldiers through Hungry Wolf Ravine to a far away place. Shi was furious at the whole thing, and wanted to rescue Shao. Lady Feng asked Shi not to take the risk. Postman Ma was once saved by Shao, and so he decided to save Shao from the predicament. The imperial Guards came to spend the night in the Post. Among the other guests staying in the Post, there was a young leader named Shao Zhihao, who was the son of Ambassador Shao. He asked Shi to help him deliver his father, and both Shi and Postman Ma agreed to take part in the rescue. That night, the gang fought with the Imperial Guards. A lot of them got killed and the rest went to hide in a small house in town. The next day, they witnessed Shao being escorted to the Post. Shi’s former identity as an executor was exposed, and he was forced to take the case of Shao by the leader of the guards. Shao Zhihao decided to die with his father, and meanwhile, the Sheriff declared his love for Lady Feng. Morning came, Shi was getting ready to execute the Ambassador front of the Post, and suddenly a rescue mission took place, and Shao was being saved. Chen, the chef of the Post, and Sabre Qi, were killed in the fight, and the Post caught fire … Shao and his son thanked Shi and the people for rescuing him. Shi left town with his granddaughter and Postman Ma. They had decided to lead a wandering life around the world. Lady Feng and the sheriff came to see them off, and Lady Feng wished the day would come soon when the Dragon Gate Post would be back on business.

The Phantom General

A very battered army came from afar to the Post, and they fell flat on the snow. Folks from the Post came to their rescue, and Lady Feng was very surprised to find her husband, Xu, to be one of the wounded soldiers. With his armour all torn and tattered. Xu was in a very confused state of mind. Lady Feng felt very sad yet hopeful, because if her husband's brother in arm. Nan Gong could survive, then, this person in front of her could surely be her husband! Xu started to attack Lady Feng with is sword, and Lady Feng was deeply distressed by the state her husband was in. It was almost daybreak, and the soldiers were still frantically charging at each other. People in the Post suspected that General Xu and his men were only phantoms. Lady Feng felt that her husband had suffered to much from the battle, and vowed to find him. Xu and his wounded soldiers left the Post, and Li again had a horrible vision. Xu and his men were fighting an illusory battle in the Hungry Wolf Ravine, and he finally came to realise that all these years he and his men were being trapped in limbo, a space between the living and the dead. He was ashamed because he had failed to fulfill his duties towards his emperor, his soldiers and his wife. So, he took his own life, and his men did the same.

Lightning Over Old Well

It was heard that the Manchurian army was coming to attack the Ming Empire, and thus the soldiers at the border all rushed to town. Postman Ma wanted to join the army to help but Shi stopped him saying that the imperial army was already there to protect the court. Soon, the Manchurian troops and the Ming army fought a fierce battle in Hungry Wolf Ravine. The Manchurian army lost and retreated, while many of the Ming soldiers were heavily wounded and there was a great body count. Dead bodies piled up in the Ravine, and the whole valley became a funeral pyre. There was fear that a plague might break out, and General Ji of the Ming army was ordered to station there to keep watch. Supernatural tall tales about Hungry Wolf Ravine spread out, and it was rumored that many strange incidents happened in town; and so all the folks were running away, In the ancient mansion where General Ji was posted, the housekeeper Old Jiang killed himself by jumping into the well. The soldiers retrieved the body and sealed the well. More eerie tales got around. Shi and Sheriff He found that the battle was a sham; and when General Ji came into town, he went to meet Old Jiang, and the housekeeper died because of the General. Sheriff He also checked out the fact that there was a great robbery of 200,000 teals of imperial gold by the mountain thieves of Hungry Wolf Ravine 15 years ago. The case was still unsolved. General Ji was getting ready to leave town while Shi and Sheriff He arrived the ancient mansion. They saw that the old well was unsealed, and when lightning stroke over the well, something sparkled. Shi pointed out that General Ji was the ringleader of the mountain thieves, and Old Jiang had been there to watch over the gold for the past 15 years. Just as the General wanted to kill them, an imperial guard came and arrested General with the body.

The Human Lantern

Sheriff He was after lady Feng, and so he gave her an antique lantern as present. Recently, Sheriff He noticed there were a lot of cases of missing husbands, and all the husbands were surnamed Song. Postman Ma asked Li if she was interested in investing these cases, but Li suddenly had a strong desire to go to town to eat meat buns. The elegant Madam Nan Gong stopped over at the station for the night. She told Lady Feng that, ten years ago, she was abandoned by her husband Han who was a general, Lady Feng was shocked as Han was a colleague of her husband's and they died together in the battlefield a lone time ago. Madam Nan Gong took out Han's last letter to her which said he had become a deserter and had fallen in love with someone else, and asked her not wait for him. She always dreamed of her husband coming back to her with remorse. With a hunch, she came to the Post, and she believed that her husband was waiting for her somewhere... Sheriff He found out that the last missing husband surnamed Song was last seen at the Little Spring Bun Shop. When he went there, the Sheriff could not find the lady owner of the shop, Zhou, but saw a pile of bones covered with blood. They realized that the shop was selling buns with human flesh! Zhou went to the Post and told Lady Feng a story from her past... Years ago, Zhou and Han concealed their names and identities and came to the ancient town of Crescent Moon, and opened a shop selling buns. She was deeply in love with him, but he was always troubled by his conscience as a deserter. He wanted to turn himself in, but she was unwilling to let him go and killed him by accident. At that time, Han had changed his name to Song. That was why she hated all men named Song. She wanted to kill them all, and then she minced their meat to make buns. Everyone was shocked. A green light was shimmering from the lantern in lady Feng's room. That was the lantern made by Zhou, with Han's crown bone from his skull as the lantern base, and his skin as the shade.

Black River Monster

A monk from Japan called Kurokawa Kawado crossed the sea to Chian and came to the Dragon Gate Post. He thanked the folks in town for letting him stay in the Post, and told his story. Somehow, Lady Feng and Shi both thought there was a sense of blood-thirstness and malevolence in the monk. One day, a lady from a noble family came to see the monk with a lot of gifts, and the rumor came out that after going through some religious ritual with the monk, infertile women would get pregnant. The news spread out very quickly and many couples came to seek audience from the monk. Since Lady Feng was suspicious, she asked the Kawado to leave the Post. He left some money and departed. Li had a dream of supplicating the monk together with Postman Ma for a child, and as soon as she woke up, she went to look for the monk. Postman Ma found Li wandering in town with a look that seemed lost, and Li said she had to find Kawado and ask him to take her as a disciple. Postman Ma told Shi about this, and Shi immediately went to town to look for Kawado. Shi found Kawado sitting in meditation in his room; but somewhere in town, over the roofs of the houses, the shadow of the monk was seen flying around. Lady Feng came and announced that Kawado was a monster who knew how to let his spirit travel out of his body. She then poured blood of a black dog onto Kawado, whose body was sitting there in meditation; and that would stop the spirit from returning to the body. Across town, Kawado's spirit came into Li's room, and she almost lost her virginity under hypnotism. Fortunately, Shi and Postman arrived to save her just in time. Kawado slipped away and went back to this room. But he (the spirit) could not return to his body, and so he was outraged, and became very violent. Everybody joined the fight, and Shi eventually killed the evil spirit. At that very moment, the body of the monster in the room exploded into smithereens. People finally realized that the monster raped the women who came to him for fertility rituals and made them conceive.

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