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The Shadow of Inferior Guns

Detection team of Zhong Lang found a woman corpse in a fire disaster, which was died from murder. And her young daughter ---- Dandan had been kidnapped by the murderer. The detection team considered the dead’ husband ---- Xu Shengdao had the great suspect. Unexpectedly, a big case of inferior guns was pulled out while they arrested Xu Shengdao. Originally, Xu Shengdao was a designer of the armory and a series of bore premature occurred during the real army battles just after the new rifles were distributed to armies. The families of the victims brought a lawsuit against armory. But the armory director Zhang Baiqun shirked off all the responsibility upon Xu Shengdao. Actually, it is Zhang Baiqun who used shoddy materials to reap fabulous profits during the process of gun production. However, all the material evidents were destroyed by Jin She who was the supporter behind Zhang Baiqun. He kidnapped Dandan and forced Xu Shengdao not to testify in court. As the court day is closing, the detective team had to find material evidences of the inferior guns case and rescue Dandan within 24 hours. At last, the team successfully completed the mission, Xu Shengdao appeared resolutely in the court and the arch-criminal was brought to justice.

The Cut-Throat Demon Reappearing

The cut-throat demon Yu Liben who is the cradle of fear escaped from the prison the night before execution of his death. He began his revenge activity aim for all his personal enemies in a lunatic way. The 3-person detective team, Zhong Lang and his two partners, is included too. Before long, the procurator Gao Erkang and a Commissioner from Nanjing Madam Tao were murdered successively. Yu Shengnan's mother was kidnapped. Zhong Lang'sister, Zhong Hui and one French consul's wife were invaded by unknown highly toxic substance and they were at death's door. Facing frustration, Zhong Lang teams learned form its mistakes and found the sticking points of Yu Benli at last. But Yu Benli had the preparations. He required Zhong Lang to exchange the antidote with the ransom otherwise he would release the poison at all the schools and in all the hospitals of the leased territory at the same time. Helplessly, Zhong had to exchange antitode with the ransom. At the same time, the whole police station turned out in full strength to evacuate the people in the schools and hospitals. owever, Yu Benli wanted to lure the enemy away from his base. His real purpose was to rob a bank besides the police station was busy in evacuating the people in the schools and hospitals. At the crucial moment, Zhong Lang sees through Yu's plot and then seized Yu Benli.

The Frightening Feast

The French concession Detective Zhong Lang rescued a wealthy merchant Qian Shouchang who was attacking by killer by accident. Boss Qian greatly appreciated Zhong Lang’s help and sincerely invited Zhong Lang to attend his birthday party and protect the security. Detective Zhong discovered that Qian’s house is heavily fortified from external to internal. Qian Shouchang was not just as simple as a businessman. His history is a puzzle. Though Qian Shouchang clearly knew that someone wanted to kill himself, he still insisted on holding a big birthday party. It seemed that he had his purposes. Therefore, the birthday party started in the atmosphere of serious terracide. The hidden assassins appeared one group after another group. Feng Jikang, the master of painted faces,Yu Min, a survival of of Qing Dynasty; Sun Decai, a merchant etc all had deep hate toward Qian Shouchang Zhong Lang protected Qian’s safety successfully with the help of San Pao, the safeguard of Qian house and discovered the unknown past of Boss Qian.

The Desperate Attacking

In Shanghai, the fighting and competition between Qinglong Faction and Qiling Gang brought the people into an abyss of misery. Three months later, however, the main leader of Qinglong and his soldiers were murdered by unknown gunman in the streets. The detective Zhong Lang was responsible for this case. The verdict, Miss Yu Shengnan, found that the dead all were killed by the "dumdum" (a kind of bullet) right in the head. Detective Zhong speculated that the murder is an high-level sharp-shooter from the army. At this moment, the drillmaster Liu Tianhe came in and claimed that the sniper is Cheng Sanlin, who was a soldier and lost from the army recently. However, Mr. Hong, who is the leader of Qinglong presume that the case was done by Qilin. Therefore, he wanted to revenge for his followers. Meanwhile, the leader, big cheese Lord Ding of Qilin, was trying to take this opportunity to root out Qing Long gang. So the "war" is on the verge of breaking out. Helplessly, the detective Zhong Lang invited Liu Tianhe to help the case out, while the shooter was still on his way of murdering without any trace. After experiencing several setbacks, Zhong finally found the key point of the case. The whole thing comes to obvious that Liu precisely is Cheng Sanlin's father, who aims to revenge for the family of his son, is the true killer to the case.

Bloody Blade

The evil flooded in Shang Hai Tang in 1930s. Zhong Lang, the inspector of police apartment, was once named as "Evil Nemesis". But he arrested the wrong person when he inspected a series of murders three years ago and the real criminal "cut-throat demon" escaped and many innocent persons were killed cruelly. Zhong Lang suffered from the heavy blow. Three years later, the "cut-throat crime" happened again. Xu Dafu, the shareholder of Fu Ji rice merchant, was killed. Zhong Lang decided to renerve and arrest the 'cut-throat demon". In the process, the smart officer Han Fei started to follow Zhong Lang and investigate the crime. With the introduction of Han Fei, Yu Shengnan, the woman professor of Medical University, participated in the team too and became their coroner. The reason why the "the cut-throat crime" is so difficult to detect is that all of the victims hadn't any association. The only common is that "cut-throat demon" only killed the rich men. After some investigation, Zhong Lang found that the Pei Deyuan, the partner of Xu Dafu and Xu Wenyang, the son of Xu Dafu both had the murder suspect. Then Pei Deyuan was killed and Xu Wenyang had been cleared the suspect. Who was the real "cut-throat demon" and what did the digital clues that were left mean?

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