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Atlas of Wenchuan earthquake disaster [History]

Atlas of Wenchuan earthquake disaster truly records the whole process including the earthquake response analysis, earthquake research, the disaster assessment and post-disaster reconstruction. The atlas includes eight parts: Cladogram, environmental possibility with hazard, body bearing disaster, disaster-causing factor, disaster evaluation, disaster response, restoration and the appendix. By the means of maps, images, photos, graphics, text and other visu...


The Rock and Roll Tibetan Mastiff [Caricature]

The famous rock and roll singer Zheng Jun created a comic book named 'The Rock and Roll Tibetan Mastiff' with his team for a few years. The book has been published by the Modern Publishing House in 2009 as the first original comic book in China. This book has won the Best Cartoon Screenwriter prize in the fifth Golden Dragon festival. 'The Rock and roll Tibet Mastiff' is a lovely and fun story. It is a very marvelous comic book, delivering a legendary expe...


Learn Body Condition through Tongue [Medicine]

The book introduces the basic knowledge of tongue diagnosis by simple language and excellent pictures. The symptoms of healthy, sub-healthy and sick body condition can be found on tongue. Readers can easily learn their health in this easy way. It is interesting to know whether one is healthy or not by observing oneself in the mirror or watching tongue for others....


Learn the Body Condition through Hands [Medicine]

From the view of points and meridians holography, the book comprehensively introduces the ways of grasping hands, watching the shape of fingers, nails, nail half-moon mark, blue veins, three kinds of speckles (black speckles, white speckles and blood moles), palm lines, vital energy and blood of palm and indicates how to learn and predict one's body condition through hands. For the needs of readers to examine the palm and make a hand-diagnosis, the book al...


Learn Body Condition through Palm Lines [Medicine]

The book includes a lot of experts' research on palm lines. The code revealing body condition is hidden in 8 special lines and 14 basic lines. The contents are classified by lines in different part. It is interesting and practical....


Health Code in Palms [Medicine]

The book introduces the ten years' research results of Wang Zhen Xia, expert on palm lines. The code revealing body condition is hidden in 8 special lines and 14 basic lines. Condition of organs can be showed in relevant lines. And it also explains more than 20 diseases and their characteristics on palm lines....


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