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The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Painting [Instructional]

This book is a practical manual for the acquisition of essential skills in the art of Chinese painting. Chinese painting can be divided into three genres, namely figures, landscapes and fl owers-and-birds. Historically, painting of figures appeared earlier than that of landscapes and flowers-and-birds. Many critics consider landscape to be the highest form of Chinese painting. Flower-and-bird paintings gradually develop to include a wider range of subjects...


Discovering China series: The Great Wall [Culture]

This inspiring history of the Great Wall is told through the photographs of Zhai Dongfeng, who has spent more than 20 years traveling along the Wall as a " labor of love." This book not only chronicles the Wall' s purpose, construction, and current condition but also introduces you to the people living within its shadow....


Chinese Classic Cartoon Movie series: Three Monks [Children]

This series is adapted from the most famous Chinese classic cartoon movies, which are handled down generation by generation; most Chinese grow up with them. Some are well-known fairy stories, contain the wisdom and spirits; and some convey the knowledge of nature or science. The original movie are taken by Shanghai Animation and Film Studio, and got a lot of prizes in the international film festivals....


Western Style Meets Chinese Flair [Art]

If you are always being immersed in western-style staffs and feel a little bit boring, and if you are ever fascinated with mystique of the Orient, then why not try to add a unique Chinese touch to your home or work place? Some exotic flavor will enhance the atmosphere in a magical way. In fact the simplicity and classicism of the Chinese style has given it infl uence on interior design worldwide. This book will show you the beauty of form in Chinesestyle h...


When A Baby Is Born [Novel]

This story took place before China's reform and opening up.When a Baby is Born is actually name of a song.It brought back to Tang Dawei sweet memory of the little romantic girl next door in Shanghai.However the hardship of his life later on as a miner in the southwestern of China made him rethink about life.When the hardest days were survived by the help of his respectable wife,and when he became an engineer by his own efforts,the song hinted the beginning...


Yangtze River: A Source of Life in China [Travel]

This book will take you on a cultural tour along the Yangtze River, starting from its very origin in the snow-capped mountains to its last leg before reaching the sea. As the cradle of the Chinese Civilization, the Yangtze River Basin is dotted with cultural relics of early residents. Various landscapes are abundant along it. Mounts bearing Buddhist and Taoist culture lend extra charm to it. Alongside the two banks locate a number of major cities, each wit...


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