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Sin of Psychology [Novel]

A killer likes drinking milk mixed with blood. Is he a sufferer of a special disease or the legendary immortal vampire?Four office ladies aged from 25 to 30 are raped and killed successively. Is it a vengeful murder or simply the destroying of the evidence of guilt after the sexual harassment? An outstanding graduate student suddenly attacks his best classmate crazily. Is the action the result of hypnosis or a long planned violence?...Fang Mu, an introvert...


Phoenix in Fire [Novel]

She is a princess of a kingdom in the warring period of the remote past, and a girl born in a rich family in the 21st century as the afterlife. She traverses the time and space quite by accident, and reverts to the identity of the princess. Unfortunately, she is trapped in a battle, and coerced to become a prostitute for the soldiers... Her misfortune continues until she meets him, the man who is doomed to intrude her life. Love or hatred? The strife betwe...


Phoenix Dance and Battle Hymn: A Novel [Novel]

The historians shall contribute the turbulence of the Three Kingdoms to the woman, who was the cause of the calamity in which tens of millions of civilians have been killed and countless lives of the soldiers have lost. She is called by the later generations the Phoenix Dance.

Nobody could stand in the way of his slaughter, and for him, nothing but killing is the whole part of his life. No one can escape from the fate of entombment beneath the ear...


Internet Mass Hunting [Novel]

Internet has double blades: while it provides convenience and pleasure to the life of people, it brings numerous side-effects that are also detrimental to the life of people. Internet Mass Hunting (literally means to uncover the true identity of a particular person with the concerted efforts of all netizens) is a novel that is intended to discuss the harm of the various types of violence on the Internet, and covers the examples of some outrageous incidents...


Everybody, Armed with Guns! [Novel]

Based on the heroic deeds of the armed force to resist invasion during the Anti-Japanese War in the Laoshan area, Shandong province, this book describes the story of arduous fighting against the invaders under the lead of the Chinese Communist Part, and the victories achieved despite of the poor arming. Depicting little scenes of battle, this book tries to center on the transformation of humanity within the characters, and display the spirits of the nation...


A Complete Record of Crimes [Novel]

Three excellent policemen are appointed to carry out an undercover investigation into a large and complicated criminal organization consisting of murderers, robbers, burglars, rapists, drug trafficker, beggars and whores. The secretly collected evident help crack down some of the key figures of the organization. Unfortunately, the identity of three policemen is revealed when the final arrest commences, and the three are caught and left on an unmanned islan...


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