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The Tibet Code (8 Volumes) [Novel]

Why is The Tibet Code Series (fiction) the most suitable for movie & TV adaptation? First, Tibet is an icon of mysterious culture all over the world. At least as an icon of mysterious eastern culture, it has disciples of more than one billion. If the Series is made into a movie, it will turn to be a most classic one, which will be watched from generation to generation. As long as Tibet exists, this movie will attract great and boundless interest and at...


The Strangers [Novel]

A fiction about the growth of the children in a family, The Stranger tries to define the bound of the so-called normal life through the story of twin sisters and their brother. The depiction of varied persons in the fiction may encourage readers to think over the most important part in human nature: kinship, love, life and death....


The Stories of a Taxi Driver [Novel]

After the continued stories about the life of a taxi driver became the hit in the website of Tianya, one of the biggest online communities in China, the blog in which the stories were posted and its subscriber nicknamed as Ma Luxia gained wide recognition among the netizens. Ordinary as the life was, Ma Luxia decided to record his experiences and thoughts as a taxi driver before all the pleasure faded away, and, with plain words, his stories spoke out the ...


The Seek of the Lost Memory [Novel]

Chen Yu, a rich merchant, loses his memory after a car accident, but manages to regain parts of the memory during the recuperation process. After the recall of the past, his brother, lover, friends and their stories, Chen decides to return to before the accident via the Pass of the Time to restore all his memory. However, his effort is hampered by a therapist... Can Chen finally trace the lost memory?...


The Land of Witchery [Novel]

Born in a countryside where witchery is popular, He Yong is assigned to work in a newspaper office in a big city after graduation from university. With the perseverance and the courage fashioned in his rural life, He makes achievements both on career and love, but still feels a loss in his heart. So he returns to the countryside, and tries to recall the surprising persons and events concerning witchery alongside his growth. However, his experience turns ou...


Skinner's Box [Novel]

He kills the head teacher of his girl friend on the Teacher's Day. Why does he break from prison even if Fang Mu appears in court to plead not to sentence him to death?He adopts many orphans. Why does he feel depressed when facing the portrait of a deceased kid?A man dies from electric shock in a deep underground maze; Blood suddenly drops from the toy bear hung on the shelf of the department store; a emasculated body of a man holds a well-dressed "little ...


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