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Campus Life of DouDou [Caricature]

Campus Life of DouDou refers to the story of the primary school students in terms of their campus life, family and interpersonal situation in a relaxed and humorous way. Doudou is a naughty boy, just like most youngsters, he is full of fantasy and curiosity to all the unknown things. With a series of unexpectable events, Doudou was enlightened; he watched the world and surroundings with a child's perspective....


Diary Of Bangchui [Caricature]

The story happened in the ancient China. In the primitive tribe a small but brave man Little Banghui and his buddies started their fantasy adventure trip to looking for the legendary treasures. They crossed the mountains, went through the plains, went across the sea, survived from the desert……in the process of the journey, they encountered the attack from the primitive wild beast and many terrible and strange living things they have never seen....


Youngsters Discovery -- Science Knowledge Comic [Caricature]

Youngsters Discovery is a comic series combined knowledge, science and humors together. The author tries to elaborate the plot through the adventure journey of three youngsters, while the science knowledge is discovered and explained during the trip. The whole set can be divided into mystery of nature, mystery of animals, mystery of science, mystery of history and mystery of culture. The author shows various fantastic stories in accord with real data sourc...


Cunren Fairy Tales Series -- Seek Self's World [Caricature]

The hero of this story AU is a gloomy young man with congenital defects: ugly, short and visual and hearing impairment. One day afternoon AU walked to the countryside to relax himself after he experienced the most depressed morning, inadvertently AU comes into a fantasy world called "self world". In this world he met a lot of strange things even violate the rules in the reality but full of life philosophies which impels everyone to reflect on our life goal...


Love Story of Ghost -- Color Comic [Caricature]

Stemmed from the Chinese classical ghost fiction, this comic work tries to show some touching love stories between people and ghosts or apparitions, while great numbers of unreasonable social status are also embodied. The author elaborates the scenario with great delicacy on the basis of the respect for the original fiction....


The Woman Retail Investor [Novel]

Not a legendary story in the stock market, nor a book that discloses the inside secret, The Woman Retail Investor is a novel that is intended for those who have traded stocks, have been the retail investors, and have gone through the horrible "May 30" in the year of 2007, and describes the life of the ordinary people who are deeply entangled in the drastic rises and falls in the stock market....


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