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Beautiful Xiangxi [Literature]

A beautiful and remote corner of China is brought to life through the writings of Shen Congwen, one of China's premier writers. The soul-stirring landscape, the majesty of the mountains, the bustle of the towns, and the lives and emotions of the people are right at your fingertips. Poetic words and stunning photographs immerse you in a part of China unknown to many, and unravels many mysteries about modern-day China....


A Reader on China [History]

Intended for general interest readers, this book provides an introductory guide to Chinese civilization from a historical, philosophical and cultural perspective. The chapters include: geography; prehistory and mythology; ethnic minorities; feudal history; the origin of the language; philosophy and moral culture; traditional religious beliefs; family life; food and cuisine; art and literature; science and technology; and discoveries and inventions. A Reade...


Tibet [Travel]

Tibet, the enchanted roof of the world, beckons you to hear its music, view its ancient architecture, and experience its unique culture. Take this photographic journey through its magnificent mountains, across its many lakes, and inside its legendary monasteries. Charming and mysterious, this awe-inspiring land will haunt you with its beauty.
About the Photographer
Celebrated Chinese photographer Sun Chengyi never fails to be moved by the spectacul...


100 Poems from Tang and Song Dynasties [Literature]

The Tang and Song Dynasties of China are often referred to as the high points of culture in the history of Chinese civilization. The hundred poems featured in this book have been carefully selected by the author Qiu Xiaolong and represent the most famous and poignant of these poems. The Tang Dynasty poets were known for their distinctive personal styles and their rich and textured poems, while the Song Dynasty poets were known for their lyricism and the de...


A Dream of Red Mansions [Art]

This exquisite edition of A Dream of Red Mansions features a rare set of Qing Dynasty paintings by Sun Wen (1818-1904), who spent 36 years from the age of 50 to illustrate Cao Xueqin' s masterpiece novel.
This collector' s edition features a complete set of Sun Wen' s 230 paintings in splendid color, printed on fine paper. Condensed text from the original novel accompanies each of the paintings, offering a wonderful insight and a brief summary of each...


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