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Imperial Palace [Travel]

This book is designed to serve as an illustrated guide on your tour of the Imperial Palace. Strolling about those awesome gates, halls and palaces, you can…
Appreciate the unique style of Chinese palatial architecture to gain a strong sense of the philosophy behind it.
Review that special period of history to get a real insight into the traditional Chinese culture and customs.
Feast your eyes on the extensive collection of treasures to reveal ...


Foodie Guide to Chinese Menus [Customs]

This book provides you roughly the story behind Chinese courses. The anecdotes may add some fl avor to the courses that you happen to enjoy. Six local styles are arranged for the convenience of your search. They are Jiangsu Cuisine, Hangzhou Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Northern Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and others, includes Hunan, Fujian, Anhui Cuisines and Xi'an snacks....


Balance Life with Traditional Chinese Medicine Emotional Management [Culture]

Can we keep healthy without the help of medicine? Now more and more people choose natural solution and plant remedy to maintain a positive spirit and a healthy lifestyle. Based on yin-yang theory, Five Elements theory, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) psychological theory and so on, this book is one of the few to concentrate on the focused subject
of TCM and emotional management. Through this book you may know about the complex emotional cycle co...


Dissipation [Novel]

Cheng Cong dumped xiaohui and went abroad to seek his future. Xiaohui rendered a marriage without sex for villa in Kuala Lumpur,the luxurious car,and a permanent resident card later on. They once thought that was all for life until Cheng Cong got chances to release his desire when came back to China, and Xiaohui was unstirred by Zhijun in Beijing after a ten-year departure, whom Xiaohui once played the youthful game with after breaking up with Cheng Cong ....


Chinese Festivals [Customs]

Celebrating the Chinese festivals with Xiao Mei, a lovely girl and her family, you can find the origins and special customs of Chinese New Year, the antern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, he most important four festivals in China....


Chinese Calligraphy [Art]

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form that utilizes Chinese characters as a vehicle to communicate the emotional and aesthetical world of the artist. By wielding the soft brush with strength and dexterity, the artist works with the lines and strokes of a character within its defined structure to make it look like a painting. During thousands of years of its development, Chinese calligraphy has evolved into five kinds of scripts, namely seal script (篆...


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